Everyware is redefining customer communication utilizing two-way text messaging.


Started in 2015, Everyware is powerful communication platform that utilizes two-way text messaging to enhance customer service and streamline payment processing. As consumers ourselves, we witnessed businesses pour resources into solutions that fail to connect with customers because they are never truly able to communicate effectively back to the business. Everyware is raising the bar for better customer communication by creating a highly secure mobile relationship between businesses and consumers.

Our global payment solutions integrate payment options with two-way text communications. This immediate text receipt opens communication between buyers and sellers to mitigate refunds and chargebacks. Our team is composed of seasoned B2B and B2C strategy executives, brand thought leaders, software engineers, entrepreneurs and project managers. The company boasts a pool of skills with particular emphasis in mobile application development and enterprise-level CRM solutions. We are able to develop such innovative products with our best-in-class branding expertise and extensive marketing backgrounds.